ClearChecks improved speed, coverage, and their bottom line with Citadel

“When we heard of Citadel and tried it out, it was exactly what we needed,” Dan says. It meets ClearChecks’ criteria and puts control into the applicants’ hands. What’s more, it makes the whole process faster for ClearChecks—a benefit they can pass on to their customers.

When Charlie Cafazza and Dan Ellis decided to start a company together, they knew they wanted to combine their individual experiences and expertise to disrupt an industry. It was Charlie’s experience as an auditor, controller, and VP of Finance that showed him the reality of background checks and prompted the two to start ClearChecks, a company that helps people run background checks quickly, easily, and compliantly. “In my experience prior to founding ClearChecks, background checks were always a black box,” explains Charlie. “Dan’s bread and butter was data and my passion was bringing transparency and a better experience to background screening—ClearChecks was the best path for us.”

At ClearChecks, the team’s goal is to acquire and put relevant data in front of customers. They differentiate themselves because they are nimble and tech-savvy, using all of the available technology and tooling to deliver results to their customers faster and more reliably than their competitors. Because of their experience working for tech companies, Charlie and Dan are always on the lookout for technology that will make ClearChecks faster and more efficient. Historically, they’ve relied on the industry’s go-to data providers but when they hear of a new vendor, they’re all ears. 

An opportunity to make verifications better

“We’ve used multiple vendors for employment verifications since we started the company, but it took almost a year for us to integrate with certain services,” Charlie explains. “During that time, a good percentage of our verifications simply couldn’t be fulfilled because we didn’t have access to exclusive vendors. This represented a huge disruption and a massive opportunity to explore easier to integrate and more comprehensive options,” he adds. 

“We’re actively expanding our number of employment screenings,” Dan says, “When we’re running thousands and thousands of these checks, it gets expensive—if we can cut costs in the process, that’s meaningful to the business and our customers.”

Perhaps the biggest pain that ClearChecks used to feel was their customers’ pain. “The background check experience is broken because as a customer—an applicant, candidate, or person who is being checked—isn’t the one servicing their own data,” Charlie explains. “We want to empower our customers through self service and eliminate the back-and-forth that currently happens just to get an accurate picture of them." 

“Also, as the workforce continues to age, people will be more and more comfortable with technology and expect better experiences,” says Charlie. “We want to provide that for them with ClearChecks.”

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