August 2021 product update

July was our one of our most productive month, and we have some exciting updates to share with you on what we have been working on.


Citadel Bridge Updates

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Direct deposit partial switch launched!

We have added a Direct deposit partial switch to our product suite. End users can now direct their entire paycheck or a portion of their paycheck to their preferred account. Additionally we provide end-users with options to split their paychecks by percentage or amount without having to enter bank or account information.


New search API

One of the most important aspects of revamping the user experience in June was building our own employer search instead of relying on a third-party component. Not only did we build the search in-house and add 7M businesses to it, but we also went a step further and made our search available via API.

Our clients can now easily look up companies using the search API endpoint. If you already know the name of an employer, you can use the search endpoint to skip the employer search step in Citadel Bridge. We've also added search by domain and EIN to help our customers find their employers in a variety of ways.

And, if you don't already collect employers, we now have an autocomplete search endpoint where you can get a list of results based on a company prefix. We will not only provide a list of companies that match the prefix, but we will also rerun the domain, logo, and confidence level for these companies.

Learn more about search API


New data fields - deductions and earnings!

One of the key objectives for a platform like Citadel is to constantly strive to make data more exhaustive. In order to achieve this, we have recently added the deductions, deductions_ytd object to our statements.

In addition, we have changed the format of our earnings statements. You can now gather information not only about salaried individuals but also about contractual employees or employees who receive bonuses and commissions.

When you retrieve employment and income data, the deductions will now be included in the results.

Learn more about deductions and earnings


New user guides

It goes without saying that we want to guide our end users in their verification and switching experience. Keeping this in mind, we have added new guides and tutorials along the way to help end users give a preview into our process and easily look up their payroll providers. 


New company mappings

As always coverage is key and June was no exception to our focus on improving coverage. Just this month we've added coverage for Epic Systems, Zendesk, Moody’s Analytics and 1194 other companies.


Dashboard Updates

July Product Update-Oct-01-2021-11-06-37-87-AM

Customization, yes please!

To seamlessly integrate Citadel into your experience, we updated how customizations work. You can now change screen headers, add or remove your privacy policy and user agreement, choose how to display the consent screen, and add or remove the Citadel logo and branding. 


Citadel dashboard, the new hub! 

We have consolidated all of our resources within the Citadel dashboard, making it your one-stop shop for Citadel integration. Once you've signed up for our dashboard, you'll be able to access our documentation, keys, begin working on the integration, configure webhooks, create orders, and customize the Citadel Bridge all in one place.

See dashboard updates


Embed sandbox credentials

As we mentioned in our last month's product update, we have added additional credentials to the sandbox to provide a production-like experience. This month, we have embedded these scenarios in our sandbox experience to further simplify the flow.

You won't have to switch back and forth between docs and Citadel bridge to test the various scenarios. All you have to do is click on the username to see all of the scenarios available for your selection. Simply choose the appropriate scenario to test and proceed to see the results in the sandbox environment.

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