July 2021 product update

We're officially in the second half of 2021 and we are kicking it off strong! Here's a preview of what we have been working on behind the scenes.


Citadel Bridge Updates

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New branding

Citadel is on a mission to provide the best customer experience and we couldn't have done it without your help! We've collected feedback not only from users but also from our clients/partners (yes, you!) and revamped our end user experience. We took a mobile-first approach, inspired by iOS guidelines and it works seamlessly on iOS, android and web. The best part is, you don't need to do anything on your end to get the updated UI, all of this comes out of the box when you integrate with the Citadel Bridge.


New optimized search

As we were updating our consumer experience, one of the most critical aspects in the user experience is for applicants to be able to easily search for their employers. Not only have we built the search in-house and added 7M businesses into our search, but we also built a database of synonyms, subsidiaries and branches to make our search more efficient to ensure we provide the best user experience for our end users.


New company mappings

As always coverage is key and June was no exception to our focus on improving coverage. Just this month we've added coverage for Yelp, Allina Health System, Capital One, Carnegie Mellon University and 1073 other companies.



One of our primary goal at Citadel is to customize the experience so that it fits our clients needs. So we have enabled our clients to skip the steps in our verification experience. All you have to do is pass the parameters in the backend and we will take you to the step that is optimized for better conversion. Here is a list of steps/screens you can skip in our experience 

  • Employer search step: Now you can pass the company mapping ID in the backend and skip the employer search step. This ensures all your users will be directly taken to the provider list step. 
  • Provider list step: You can also pass the provider ID in the backend, skip the provider list step and all your users will be redirected to payroll login step. 


Dashboard Updates

July Product Update-4

New playground to test

Our goal at Citadel is to embed the Citadel Bridge seamlessly into your experience. In order to do that we have enabled a few new features under Playground in the Dashboard as you are integrating with the Citadel Bridge. One of our focus is to make our Dashboard a one stop shop, so all your Citadel information is in one single location. 

  • Demo: Get a sneak peek to all our products(default settings) that we offer in the Demo tab. Yes, that includes the new products we launch as well!
  • Branding: We want to help our clients customize the look and feel of our Citadel Bridge. We've added a "Branding" tab where you can customize the Citadel bridge to fit seamlessly into your verification experience.
  • Emulator: Preview all your customizations at once using our Emulator inside the Dashboard. 

Check out the new playground


Quickstart shows more code with the same effort

We've updated Quickstart to show more Citadel products, features and implementations with the same ease of use it's always had. We've always had VOIE and Payroll Admin products available as part of our Quickstart, but now in the same few clicks you can locally run and dig into the code that shows how to implement direct deposit switch and even webhooks!

See Quickstart updates


Test more with new sandbox credentials

In an effort to walk you through a production like experience in sandbox, we have added additional credentials to the sandbox. This way you can test out all the different scenarios that your user might encounter, including all edge cases and any error messages you can possibly receive. 

Learn more about new credentials


Security at Citadel

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One of our main goals is to always be ahead of the curve when it comes to security. On top of standard practices, we introduced an additional layer of encryption in all of our systems for sensitive data and only allow access to sensitive information on a need-to-know basis. Checkout our security blogpost to see how we access, manage and store data at Citadel. 

Check out our Security blog post

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