June 2021 product update

We're almost halfway through 2021 and no better way to start off June than with a recap of new products, new endpoints and new developer resources.


Product: Direct deposit switching for individuals

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Citadel is on a mission to provide the best payroll API's for everyone. When it comes to users we want to be more than just a tool to allow customers to easily verify employment and income, so we've added direct deposit switching (DDS) to our suite of products. With DDS you can provide your users the ability to change what account their direct deposits are automatically being sent to. All you need to do is provide the new account information and have your users use the same Citadel Bridge they're used to and we handle the rest.

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Bridge: Be better informed on where the user is


Citadel Bridge has always kept you well informed on where your users end up in the process. With our callbacks and event types you've been able to determine whether or not your user successfully connected to their provider or if any errors popped up along the way. In May we decided to add more event types, listed below, to our Bridge to keep you better informed about important events occurring. 

  • LINK_CREATED event type which will let you know as soon as the process of connecting users to their providers has begun.
  • SUCCESS event type to fire as soon as the connection has completed successfully, rather than waiting until Bridge has been closed. 

View our Bridge event types


API: New company endpoint lists company mappings

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Citadel's search endpoint has always been at a great place to determine whether or not Citadel has a company mapping for a users previous or current employers. But some use cases call for more than the ability to find a specific company. What if you want to present available mappings to your users ahead of time? Or do a comparison that involves more than just a one to one search? With that in mind we created the new company listing endpoint.

  • You can now get a paginated list of companies Citadel has a mapping for by using the same /v1/companies location. All you need to do is make a GET request instead of a POST request. 

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Orders: Notify candidates via SMS

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It's too easy to skim past important emails or lose them amidst our busy lives especially when trying to get candidates to complete a process they very much need to follow through. It's the reason why we've introduced SMS for orders at Citadel. Whether using the /v1/orders API endpoint or creating orders through the Citadel dashboard, all you need to do is enter the candidates phone number and we'll send a SMS to the candidate in order to have them complete the Citadel process. By enabling verifications via SMS not only are we going mobile-first, but also increasing conversion for your verifications.

Dashboard: New onboarding to understand Citadel


One of the primary goals for developer experience at Citadel is to make learning and integrating with Citadel as fast and seamless as possible. To us the only benefit to friction is to show us what to make better. After lots of great discussions and feedback from our amazing clients (you!) we've created a simple step by step onboarding process that will get new users learning Citadel and implementing our amazing payroll API into their systems right from signup. A big thanks to all of your for your feedback and ideas to make this possible.

Check out the new onboarding

Dashboard: Billing details now available

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In an effort to have all your Citadel information available in one location we've added a new menu item to the Citadel Dashboard for administrators. You can now find the "Billing" menu item that will show you all the information about the current plan you have, your billing information and billing history.

Dashboard: Order results have full breakdown

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A platform like Citadel carries with it a particular problem: How do you show such a large amount of data in a meaningful way. Previously we worked with clients like yourselves to figure out what was the most important data to show so we didn't have a messy looking Dashboard. In May we took a serious look at how to show all the data while still providing a pleasant experience. Our new results display for Orders gives a full breakdown of all the data we retrieve, returning all necessary fields for mortgage underwriting and following industry standards.

Coverage: Supporting thousand more companies

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It goes without saying that coverage is key when it comes to payroll API's and here at Citadel we strive hard to continuously improve coverage and keep us at the top of the charts for payroll API's. May was once again an exceptional month in this category for us as we added large companies like Fisher Scientific, Baptist Health, Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation, Y Combinator Management, Virgin Orbit, United Ranger and 1873 more. 

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