Product update - May 2021

Welcome to May 2021 with Citadel! April was a busy month for us here at Citadel and we've got plenty to show you.

Welcome to May 2021 with Citadel! April was a busy month for us here at Citadel and we've got plenty to show you.

API: Webhooks are here!

2021-05-03 19_22_59-Webhook payload – Citadel API v1

When we connect your user to their payroll provider there's a lot of data we want to get to you and some of the heavier processes to make that happen take time. We don't want to slow down your users experience, so we get you as much data as we can right away and keep you updated as we discover the rest. In the past this was done with a simple status field in our endpoints which can be frustrating to constantly poll. Webhooks to the rescue!

Now your system can subscribe to our webhooks and be notified when the status of the Task discovering your users data changes.

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API: The Citadel Sandbox has been given an upgrade...


We've drastically expanded on the data that is available in our sandbox. Not only did we improve and increase what our trusty goodlogin user returns when logging in, but we've added in realistic paystubs and W2's! We've also updated other logins as well.

Check out our sandbox credentials

Dashboard: ...and Dashboard has been updated for sandbox too!

2021-05-03 19_49_38-Orders

Speaking of sandbox, Dashboard has gotten a few upgrades to help you develop and test in our sandbox environment. First, there's a new "Sandbox mode" available. With a flip of the switch in your menu on the left you can turn "Sandbox mode" on an off. When on, all the data you see in Tasks, Logs and Orders will be data created with your sandbox Access key. When off you'll be looking at data in your development and production environments where live credentials were used.

The second update Dashboard has received is that you can now create Orders in your sandbox environment directly from Dashboard. If you have "Sandbox mode" on any orders you create will be created in sandbox and will work with any of our sandbox credentials. This is perfect for when you're testing out your customizations and previewing just how a users interaction with Citadel would look.

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API: Data removal is available in the API

2021-05-03 19_51_44-Data removal – Citadel API v1

We've created a new endpoint that will allow you to request all data related to an access_token be removed from Citadel's systems. Whether it's to align your use of Citadel with internal policies or to give your users piece of mind that their data is not being stored, one quick API call let's us know to get rid of what we have.

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API: Getting started with Citadel just got easier

Frame 577

There were quite a few overhauls that happened in April and our documentation was one of them. The "Guides" section has been replaced with "Get Started" and is a step by step walkthrough of how to familiarize yourself with Citadel and get implemented quickly.

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API: Our data is ever expanding

2021-05-03 20_02_47-Add regular, overtime, other_pay fields to the API by mxdxlx · Pull Request #160

We've added quite a few new fields to our API endpoints.

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Coverage: Our integrations are skyrocketing

2021-05-03 20_16_51-Added W-2s to JustWorks by mxdxlx · Pull Request #1550 · citadelid_citadel_backe

We've been able to add W2's from the following providers:
Justworks, MyPay, Zenefits, Intuit, Paychex, Trinet, Ceridian, Gusto, Workday, Amazon AtoZ, UltiPro.

We've also integrated full parsing of paystubs for the following providers:
Paychex, iSolved, Paycom, Intuit, Ultipro, ADP, MyPay, Paylocity, Gusto, Workday, Kroger, Ceridian, Paycor, Trinet, Justworks.

Email to applicants have been improved

2021-05-03 20_19_21-CitaVerification would like to verify your income - - Cit

We've revamped the emails that get generated when creating an Order through our Orders API or on the dashboard. Now the subject line includes either the potential employers company name or your company name. The body will include your name, the potential employers name (if available), your company logo and even a support email address your provide. We've also included an FAQ to give users piece of mind when being introduced to the process.

Customize our emails for your company

We are officially SOC 2 Type II certified


Because we deliver an enterprise-level product to our clients that involve some of the most controlled and secure industries we are proud to announce that Citadel has successfully completed the rigorous process that is SOC 2 Type II certification. With security being the number one priority for us we feel this certification is a major milestone in showing that your data is secure when implementing Citadel.

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